White Flag, a 'virtual' residency on Facebook in February, centers around flags as symbolic visuals through which to explore ideas of place and identity as they relate to 'real' and 'virtual' space. A white flag, while understood internationally as a symbol of capitulation, also symbolizes peace, a willingness to discuss, reach an understanding and in a creative context is effectively a blank space to be filled.

During the residency a website/app (http://www.asquare.org/work/whiteflag/) will be made available. Its purpose is to provide a white or blank flag through which to crowdsource flag designs for networks - flags that symbolize the ideals, principles, essence, realism or failure of 'virtual' and networked spaces. Visitors are encouraged to submit their flag designs using the website/app. These will be exhibited in the gallery, employed during the residency, voted on at the end of the month and used in the creation of an artwork after the residency.