Map of all Sandwich Boards to date placed by viewers at various locations.

The sandwich board, worn in performances by the artist Garrett Lynch’s representation in Second Life (and by the artist in ‘real’ life), is left as an artifact in ‘virtual’ locations to mark where performances have occurred. To date these have included locations in Second Life and Google Earth.

With this version of the Sandwich Board created for the augmented reality browser Layar, the ‘virtual’ artefact from Second Life and ‘real’ spaces are combined. ‘Virtual’ copies of the board can be left in ‘real’ spaces which are seen through the lens of a location aware device such as a 3G phone or tablet creating a live mixed reality.

By viewing the work in Layar you have ether visited an existing ‘real’ location where a ‘virtual’ Sandwich Board and flag has been left, by the artist or another user, or put one at a new location for others to find.


The work can be viewed from any location. To view:

  1. Download Layar for iOS or Android.
  2. Launch the Layar app when it has finished installation and search for “Sandwich Board” (without the quotes).
  3. Once the Layar loads you will ether see a previously positioned Sandwich Board or a new one you have just placed.