Generated sandwich boards (photo courtesy of Simotron Aquila).

The performance, originally created for Second Life, continued ideas of the artist, identity and being from the works Between Saying and Doing. The artist, wearing his now usual sandwich board, generated two hundred visually identical sandwich boards for participants to wear while all but taking control of the chat window to focus discussion on topics including identity, location, representation, original and copy, ‘reality’ and fiction.

As part of peripheral form's netrospective, fifty "I'm Not Garrett Lynch (IRL)" badges were created and offered as perks as part of a crowdfunding campaign. These badges will also be distributed to visitors to a pop-up exhibition at Open Signal on Feburary 23rd.

Through the process of materializing a graphic for a 'virtual' performance as a badge in the 'real', participants/supporters will, by wearing the badge, question the distinctions between what is 'virtual' and 'real' thereby re-enacting and extending the performance.

If you are interested in obtaining a "I'm Not Garrett Lynch (IRL)" badge and participating in the extension of this performance, contact us.

Group shot of participants after the performance.
Simotron Aquila says: I'm not Garrett Lynch (IRL).
Sun Lisle says: I'm not Garrett Lynch (IRL).