Gravestone created at: imagechef.com

We Entomb Memoir is a networked performance exploring identity, mortality and commemoration formed as a result of grouping together a series of performed process-based networked actions. The actions consisted of employing web-based image macro generators to create digital images.

In total, twenty-four images were created with personalised gravestone or monument generators found by the artist online. The artist's name, an epitaph consisting of a short phrase or quote and where possible a date of birth was added to each image. These were then combined with sourced media and compiled to create a weblog-based artwork.

The images and the performances that created them occurred within what can be considered as the space or site of the Other, that is other people's websites. They employ d├ętournement, effectively appropriation and subversion, as a strategy. They recontextualise visuals that were intended as a form of networked communication to the context of contemporary art and in turn become part of a new creative process.

Each image is modified only through the use of the generators and all signs of authorship are left untouched referring back to the source or site of performance.

Gravestone created at: oregontrailtombstone.com

Gravestone created at: tombstonedesign.net

Gravestone created at: gravestonemaker.com

Gravestone created at: frabz.com