as you wander through the constantly expanding landscape of Garrett’s work, you might want to remember to ask yourself where the art is happening?

we would say “in the zone” or some other metaphor for a nether region that is between the liminal, the logical, the conceptual, and, of course, the “virtual”.

much of Garrett’s art happens in the realm of the social, it’s own kind of “noosphere” that sits atop both the “real” and the “virtual”.

networks have come to live up to their name, a place where ideas and credentials are exchanged and relationships are created and maintained.

in much of Garrett’s work, these networks are a part of where the art happens. the networks are both “virtual” and “real”.

the blending of different levels of reality has become a trending topic for the sorcerers of silicon valley; Garrett’s work has been dwelling there for decades waiting for them to arrive.

this is also where some of the art happens, in the mental/sensorial blending of the “virtual” and the “real”, in our very understanding of where the things around us sit on this alleged divide.

Garrett’s work is everywhere around us waiting to be revealed for what it is, an augmented understanding of the different layers of reality that we constantly navigate between.